Below is a list of many of my regular characters with some photos.
(I try to keep up, but it seems I'm always forgetting to add the new characters!) 
I've developed MANY new characters as a result of a special request...
So, if you don't see what you want....Just Ask!

Popular Characters

Lotta Luv • American Hero • Sundrop Girl • Good Witch of the N.W. • Princess/Queen • Marilyn M.

Dolly Pardon Me • Pink Flamingo • Rasta Robyn • Sno White • Betti Rubble • Nurse Nancy

Grim Reaper • ElMiz • Lady Jumping out of a Cake • Rap~Gram (aka "Hip-Hop Heidi")

Hula~Helga • Sing-along-Sally (Cute/Friendly Clown) • Hillbilly Heidi • Wicked Witch of the N.W.

"Scary" Clown • Lumberjack Laurie • "Babe" the Bounty Hunter • Bell hop/Singing Telegram Girl

Giant Bouquet of Flowers •  Candi Kiss

"Birthday Suit!"

"Hunny~Bunny" •  Gorilla~Gram

(Gorilla & Bunny can dress up MANY different ways!)

"They won't even see it coming"

Homeless Hannah

"Old Lady"

Biker Barbie

Undercover "AFT" Agent

"Woman with The Word"

Special Holiday Characters

Santa Claus & Mrs. Claus

Angel Elf (Green costume) & Elf (not) on a shelf (Red costume)    River City Rockette    The Grinch   

Dickens's era Caroler

Santa Bunny    Easter Bunny

Lilly Leprechaun     Tanya Turkey

"Super" Valentine • Giant Heart • "Candi" Kiss

Classic Tuxedo~Gram    Cupid    Cupid's "Little Sister"

"Mother's Day" Bouquet

*Can be delivered anytime, not just during the holiday season!

I regret that I do not have photos of all characters!

If you are unsure of who/what a character is...I will gladly explain!

(All of my characters are "G" to "PG-13")